• Professor Chengjun Liu

Current Doctoral Students

  • Ajit Puthenputhussery
  • Hang Shi

Former Postdocs

  • Dr. Jian Yang, 2006-2007

  • Dr. Hui Kong, 2007
Former PhDs
  • Qingfeng Liu, PhD, 2017
    Dissertation: Investigation of New Learning Methods for Visual Recognition
    Employment: Samsung US, CA.
  • Atreyee Sinha, PhD, 2014
    Dissertation: Investigation of New Feature Descriptors for Image Search and Classification
    First Employment: Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track) of CIS at Edgewood College, Madison, WI.
  • Jiayu Gu, PhD, 2013
    Dissertation: Innovative Local Texture Descriptors with Application to Eye Detection
    Employment: Reed Tech, Horsham, PA.

  • Sugata Banerji, PhD, 2013
    Dissertation: Novel Color and Local Image Descriptors for Content-Based Image Search
    Employment: Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track) of MCS at Lake Forest College, IL.

  • Shuo Chen, PhD, 2012
    Dissertation: Eye Detection Using Discriminatory Features and An Efficient Support Vector Machine
    First Employment: The Neat Company

  • Abhishek Verma, PhD, 2011
    Dissertation: Investigation on Advanced Image Search Techniques
    Employment: Assistant Professor (Tenure-Track) of CS at California State University, Fullerton, CA.

  • Zhiming Liu, PhD, 2010
    Dissertation: Face Recognition Using Multiple Features in Different Color Spaces
    First Employment: Eye-Com Corporation

  • Peichung Shih, PhD, 2006
    Dissertation: Facial Analysis in Video: Detection and Recognition
    First Employment: Siemens Corporation
Former MSs
  • Rui Zhang, MS, 2016
    RA: GUI Development
  • A. Puthenputhussery, MS, 2014
    RA: Web Design, Multimedia Retrieval, Data Visualization
  • J. Wang, MS, 2014
    RA: Data Processing
  • S. Satish, MS, 2014
    RA: Data Processing
  • Marvin Fresno, MS, 2006
    MS Project: Locate Faces In Video

  • Xiaoliang Wang, MS, 2006
    RA, MS Project: Video Processing on Linux

  • Loren A. Schwarz, MS, 2005
    MS Project: Implementation of a Face Detection and Recognition System Based on Color Analysis, PCA and LDA

  • Hugo C. Kang, MS, 2005
    MS Project: Optimize Video Processing for Target Detection Based on Horn’s Optical Flow Algorithm

  • Anjana Jeyaseelan, MS, 2004
    MS Project: 3D Reconstruction Using Stereo Vision

  • Yin Yang, MS, 2004
    MS Project: Camera Calibration

  • Timothy Kevin Larkin, MS, 2003
    MS Thesis: Face Recognition Using Kernel Principal Component Analysis

  • Pratik Gosalia, MS, 2003
    MS Project: Combining Classifiers for Face Recognition

  • Timothy Larkin, 2003
    MS Project: Face Recognition Using Principal Component Analysis

  • Xiaohong Huang, MS, 2002
    MS Project: Kinetics of Surfactants Web Integration for Respirometer Technology Analysis

  • Adam Stanski, MS, 2002
    MS Independent Research: Combining Techniques to Recognize Objects
Former BS
  • Yingbo Song, BS, 2005
    Project: Head Detection Using Convolution
    First Position: MS student in CS of Columbia University